2024 Chicago Ascent Photography Workshop

2024 Chicago Ascent Photography Workshop
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March 23 & 24th 2024-

This is a two-day workshop to allow passionate photographers to explore their means of expression. Pinpoint their lighting and posing techniques. Knowing how to see and create light while making your clients laugh, cry, and wowing them.

• Two Full Workshop Days in Chicago
• Lunch is included, along with drinks and snacks! - Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions.
• Photoshoot- Photographing a couple together in our industrial mecca!
•Use our lighting equipment, as well as try our sony or canon lens!
• Powerpoint and hands-on training from Lauren Ashley Studios

Equipment required:
• Any camera and lenses
• We recommend bringing a light (Even an on-camera flash)
• Notebook or something to write in!
• Godox/ flashpoint trigger (optional)
• Laptop/ Lightroom (optional)

• Top Guiding Principles for Posing
• Making Optimal Exposure and Creative Exposure with Light
• Seeing Light
• Camera gear
• On and off-camera flash
• Signature cinematic lighting
• Wedding lighting (Getting ready, Ceremony, & Reception)
• The Zen of photography
• Photography vs. Art
• Creating Emotion
• Go to posing for couples and groups
• Quick and Advanced Editing techniques
• Developing an individual style
• Making it personal & expressive, and why
• All my photography secrets
• And Much MUCH more...